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The Real Cost of LASIK

You can’t put an exact price tag on your eyesight. But one thing is sure. You deserve to have clear vision without the hassles of glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is an investment in not only your vision, but also your life. There is a myth buzzing around that the cost of LASIK surgery is not affordable for most people. Is LASIK expensive? If you have written off LASIK as too expensive, then it’s time to take another look at the reality of what is available today.

Let’s break it down, beginning with what you’re already spending on temporary vision fixes. Consider the costs associated with glasses and contacts, including frames and lenses, contacts, solutions, supplies, cases, prescription sunglasses and doctor’s visits. Now multiply that over a 20-year period. This can easily mean tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you require more progressive correction as you age. You will quickly see how LASIK can pay for itself over a short time.

Beware: The Bait-and-Switch

You’ve likely seen the “discount” advertisements for low-cost LASIK starting at $250 or $499 (per eye). Sounds like a bargain, right? Well, if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. Discount LASIK hides many ancillary costs, including additional charges for pre-op consultation and post-op evaluation, other office visits, upgraded technology and more. These practitioners will nickel-and-dime you at every turn.

First, check to see if the price is only for the correction of mild nearsightedness. If you have farsightedness or astigmatism, the cost of LASIK may be significantly higher. The same discount doctors may be performing LASIK with older technology, using the microkeratome blade technique instead of the latest high-energy femtosecond laser. This custom system is also known as bladeless or all-laser LASIK.

The Real Deal On the Cost of LASIK

LASIK comes with an all-inclusive, one-time cost at Center For Sight that covers: LASIK consultation, pre-operative exam, surgeon fees, laser technology fees and any necessary follow-up appointments for the next year.

If you wear contacts, it is estimated that LASIK will pay for itself in about three years. The return on investment for LASIK is substantial, and the potential freedom from corrective eyewear is priceless.

The cost of all-laser LASIK has decreased over the years with new competition and technology advancements in visual acuity, making LASIK more accessible to more people.

You can expect the range of pricing to be anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 per eye. According to a 2017 Market Scope LLC report, 43.8% of LASIK surgeons charged $2,001 to $2,500 per eye, with 37.2% charging $1,501 to $2,000 per eye.

Center For Sight offers convenient financing options to fit just about any budget. We work hard to make LASIK affordable with interest-free financing plans, flexible spending accounts and payment options including cash, cashier’s checks, money orders, credit cards and pre-approved credit plans.


Who Can You Trust For Quality LASIK?

Choosing who to trust with your vision is a big decision. To discover if LASIK is right for you, at the right price, first consult with a board-certified ophthalmologist/refractive surgeon. Center For Sight, Las Vegas LASIK, is one of the most comprehensive ophthalmology practices in the country. We’ve most recently been recognized as “Top Docs” in the Las Vegas area.

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with us today. We have the expertise, technology and support to perform all-laser LASIK within your complete comfort zone. Join thousands of patients at Center For Sight, whose feedback proves we are the real deal in LASIK. Quality of life is improved as patients experience added value and satisfaction with new freedom to work and play without restrictions. We are dedicated to making your vision 20/happy!

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