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Implantable Contact Lenses

Imagine having the freedom to hike, swim, work, and play. The freedom to live life the way you want to—without glasses or contacts. 

With the EVO Implantable Contact Lens (ICL), you don’t just have to imagine that freedom, you can live it.

At Center For Sight, our experienced surgeons individualize treatment to best fit your eyes and your visual needs. Many patients who have higher vision correction needs or thin corneas experience the freedom of better vision with the EVO ICL.

What is an EVO ICL?

An EVO ICL is an implantable contact lens which corrects nearsightedness (myopia) in patients with prescriptions between 3.0 – 20.0. It is implanted between your iris and your natural lens in a minimally invasive procedure. No corneal tissue is removed, so the ICL works with your natural eye and can be reversed by removing the implant. If you wear glasses or contacts and have a prescription that is too high for LASIK, an ICL may help you experience the same freedom as LASIK. 


Is an ICL right for me?

The most important step in the ICL process is determining that the procedure is the right one for you! At Center For Sight, our goal is for you and your vision to be 20/Happy. If you know someone who has issues with their vision after surgery, almost always that is because they weren’t a good candidate for the procedure they received. 

We are passionate about the freedom ICL offers patients—it is truly life changing! To help you start on your ICL journey, we offer complimentary initial consultations. Schedule yours today.

ICL Technology

We are committed to using the newest, most advanced technology at Center For Sight. The EVO ICL is new to the United States, but has been implanted in over 3 million eyes worldwide. During the 10+ years it has been available internationally, patients have consistently had excellent outcomes. 

At Center For Sight Las Vegas, 100 percent patient satisfaction (20/Happy!) is our goal. We take pride in introducing the latest vision care technologies to further enhance your results.


Who will perform my ICL procedure?

At Center For Sight Las Vegas, a board-certified ophthalmologist will perform your ICL procedure. You can feel confident knowing you are receiving the highest standard of individualized and compassionate care from your Center For Sight team.

Meet your LASIK surgeon—Eva Liang, MD

  • Board-certified ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon
  • Medical director and principal surgeon of Center For Sight
  • Raised in the Las Vegas area
  • Surgically preserved and enhanced sight for over 10,000 patients
  • Founder of “Sight for Life,” a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged individuals suffering from sight-threatening diseases receive medical and surgical eye care

Can I afford ICL?

ICL is an investment—not only in your vision, but in your life! Our patients love having freedom from the hassles of glasses and contacts. And more than that, ICL offers the freedom to live life the way you want to, whether it’s travel, fun, work, or anything else you love doing! We work hard to make this freedom available to you, and we accept cash, cashier’s checks, money orders, credit cards, and pre-approved credit plans. If you decide to finance your procedure, like many of our patients, we work with a variety of financial institutions to offer flexible, affordable payment options.

We know that choosing to trust your vision to Center For Sight is a big decision. We hold your care to the highest standards because we understand how vitally important your vision is.

At Center For Sight, our ICL fee is all-inclusive. It covers:

  • Consultation
  • Preoperative examination
  • Surgeon fees
  • All fees associated with the lasers we use
  • All necessary follow-up appointments for the next year

Why should I choose Center For Sight for my ICL?

Making the choice to have vision correction surgery is a big decision, and we understand that. When you choose Center For Sight for your ICL procedure, we’re honored and grateful for your trust in us. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident in your choice.

Here are some things to help you as you make your decision:

  • The Surgeon: When you’re trying to decide where to have surgical vision correction, it’s important to know how experienced your surgeon is. Having a really good surgeon is one of the most important parts of vision correction. At Center For Sight, our team of board-certified ophthalmologists are experts in the Las Vegas area, and they’ve been recognized as “Top Docs!” Experience matters, and our team has performed thousands of eye procedures.
  • The Technology: At Center For Sight, we’re all about giving you the best experience. Not only do we have the most advanced lasers for making the incision to insert your IOL, but the diagnostic technology our team uses to determine your best treatment plan is the most advanced available.
  • The Support: At Center For Sight, we want to make sure you end up with vision that makes you happy. Before your surgery, we’ll go through all the options with you, and after, we’ll be there to make sure your healing goes smoothly and your vision ends up the way you want it.

Deciding to have vision correction surgery is a big step. Our mission at Center For Sight is to make your world 20/Happy, because we know that choosing to have vision correction surgery is a game-changer in so many ways!

Ready to learn more about the EVO ICL?

If you’re ready to see if an ICL is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. Center For Sight has the leading ophthalmology team in the Las Vegas region and our goal is to make you 20/Happy! To receive more information about the EVO ICL and how to schedule your free consultation, just fill out the form below.

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