At Center For Sight, we believe that exceptional eye care and vision correction should be within financial reach for everyone. To help make this possible, we have payment and financing options to fit most budgets, so you can choose the payment method that works best for you.

  • Flexible monthly payment plan: We accept CareCredit® — see more details below.
  • Cash or check: For many procedures, we offer discounts to patients paying in full at the time of the procedure. Not sure? Just ask us! 
  • Credit card: We accept most major credit cards. Some patients even choose to pay in full on a credit card to earn bonus reward points!
  • Flexible spending accounts: Check with your employers because many companies offer a medical spending account to help you pay for medical expenses tax-free.
  • Health savings account: People with high deductible health plans may be able to contribute to a health savings account through their employer.
  • Insurance coverage: We accept Medicare and many insurance and vision plans. We’re happy to help you determine if your insurance can help provide coverage for your procedure.


Looking for an easy way to pay in installments for your vision procedures? With the CareCredit healthcare credit card, the answer to clearer vision is right before your eyes! It works like a traditional credit card but offers no interest when minimum monthly payments are met (restrictions apply; we can discuss this in more detail at your consultation). Use this calculator to see just how affordable vision correction can be!

Already convinced? Apply for your CareCredit healthcare credit card and let’s get started!

Set your sights on living a full and active life with 20/Happy vision to match. We can help you determine what payment option would work best for your budget.