Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, is the deterioration of the eye’s macula and is a disease associated with aging. AMD is also one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. It affects a patient’s central vision and has a negative impact on everyday activities, such as driving, reading and recognizing faces.

Two Forms of AMD

Dry macular degeneration is the more common form of the disease and is marked by the deterioration of the macula. This process destroys light-sensitive cells, which can lead to scarring and blurred or otherwise distorted vision. Dry macular degeneration causes dark and yellow spots in the center of your vision. As these spots grow more and more of your vision disappears.

Wet macular degeneration is the more severe form of the disease and is generally caused by abnormal blood vessels leaking blood or other fluid into the macula. This almost always begins as dry macular degeneration. Wet macular degeneration results in sudden vision loss and is irreversible. It is critical you remain consistent with vision checks as you age to ensure that you don’t risk developing wet AMD before you can receive treatment.

What Are the Symptoms of AMD?

Slightly blurred vision is the only symptom that patients will notice before dramatic vision loss. If you notice any changes in your vision, including inability to see dim light, seeing spots, partial vision loss or generally blurred vision you need to contact an ophthalmologist immediately.

Macular degeneration is irreversible, so patients who are at risk for age-related eye disorders need to be diligent about their eye care. If you are at risk for AMD please contact a board certified ophthalmologist like those at Center For Sight to schedule an eye exam.

How is AMD treated?

Dry AMD is treated with high-dose antioxidants, in combination with protection from ultraviolet light.

Wet AMD is treated with surgery to reduce the formation of new blood vessels. This method includes laser procedures and injections into the eye.

At Center for Sight, our highly trained ophthalmologists recommend yearly eye exams for patients of all ages. By identifying the early signs of macular degeneration, we can help prevent and treat this disease.

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