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Dry Eye

Beginning January 12, 2023, we will be recruiting participants for dry eye research. Learn more or register now.

Dr. Liang Featured on Millennial Eye

Taking a closer look at advances in femtosecond laser technology for cataract surgery

Our own Dr. Eva Liang, founder and principal surgeon at Center For Sight – Las Vegas, has long been considered a leader in advances in ophthalmic treatments and technologies. She recently was honored to serve on a distinguished panel of respected surgeons to talk about key features and advantages of the CATALYS Precision Laser system for cataract surgery.

Dr. Liang was an early adopter of femtosecond laser technology and firmly believes that not all femtosecond lasers are the same. She asserts that the rates at which patients choose a certain technology for their cataract procedure depends greatly on the platform offered and the confidence surgeons have in that technology.

“When you are confident with your technology, the message will be evident when you educate patients on their options,” said Dr. Liang. “Having used three different lasers, I can say that not all lasers are created equal and the CATALYS system is my favorite. It delivers higher precision and accuracy.”

The in-depth Q&A-style interview was featured on Millennial Eye, an all-digital publication and online community for up and coming leaders in ophthalmology. The full interview can be found here.