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Should I Postpone Cataract Surgery?

With the Covid-19 vaccine becoming more widely available, we are all holding on to the collective hope that we are nearing the end of the historic world health pandemic. Imagine the day we can put our face masks away!

At Center For Sight, many patients have asked us about elective surgery at this time; specifically, cataract surgery. They want to know if it’s a good idea to move forward or should they wait? Conflicting information and varying opinions have understandably caused some confusion, and with the hope of bringing some clarity, we’d like to talk about it.

But before getting to the important topic of whether or not it is a good idea to have cataract surgery at this time, we believe it’s important to define the term “elective surgery”.

Elective surgery is a surgical procedure that is scheduled in advance
because it does not involve a medical emergency.

Scheduled in advance, yes. But just because a procedure is planned in advance doesn’t mean it isn’t urgent or necessary. And that’s an important distinction.

Elective surgery includes procedures that are completely your choice to have or not to have; cosmetic procedures and even something like LASIK. In contrast, while considered elective and scheduled in advance, something like cataract surgery can be regarded as both urgent and necessary.

If you wait too long, cataracts can deteriorate your vision to the point that things like driving, reading and even just moving around in your own home can become a challenge. Cataracts cannot be treated with medication, diet or eye drops, and they will not heal on their own. Cataracts must be surgically removed to restore clear vision.

Three Reasons Not to Postpone Cataract Surgery

  1. The longer you wait to treat cataracts, the harder they are to remove. As cataracts mature, they become denser and increasingly more difficult to remove. When asked, we tell our patients that the best time to have cataract surgery is when cataracts begin to negatively affect their daily lives.
  2. Clear vision helps in maintaining safety (even in your own home). According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for Americans over the age of 60. Falling threatens seniors’ safety and independence and can have significant economic and personal costs. Not all, but many, falls are due to poor vision and depth perception.
  3. ASCs vs. Hospitals. Good news here. Cataract surgery at Center For Sight is not performed in a hospital, but in our trusted Ambulatory Surgery Center. An ASC is probably the safest place for you to receive the care you deserve. Why? ASCs do not treat sick patients. They are held to extremely high safety standards and are highly regulated healthcare facilities that must adhere to regulations at the federal and state level. As a result of the pandemic, ASCs are being held to even more stringent requirements for safety and infection prevention.

At Center for Sight, we go above and beyond to safely serve you. The health and wellbeing of our patients and team members mean the world to us, and we are taking every measure to continue keeping you safe. Here’s what a few patients had to say:

“The facility is clean and every employee I encountered was polite. They greet you and read your temperature and ask if you have had any Covid-19 symptoms as soon as you enter.”


“Lobby is set up great for Covid prevention with good set up for social distancing.”


Don’t Put Off Cataract Surgery

In the vast majority of cataract surgeries performed at Center For Sight Las Vegas, vision is significantly improved immediately following the procedure and continues to improve over the next few days and weeks. In most cases, patients are able to resume normal activities (including work) the very next day!

We invite you to experience our expert eye care at Center For Sight. Our team of experienced doctors, as well as highly trained and dedicated staff, is dedicated to helping you enjoy your life to the fullest…with the clear vision you deserve. Don’t put off cataract surgery any longer. Let’s talk.

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