At Center For Sight, we are a world-class team of ophthalmologists, sub-specialists and researchers. Working through a unique partnership of academic medicine, private industry and the community, we are here to serve you. Our doctors are committed to developing and applying advanced technologies for the preservation, enhancement and restoration of your vision.

We cherish the opportunity to provide Las Vegas with first-class vision care. If you are looking for treatment for cataracts, dry eye or glaucoma, we can help. Or if you are looking to improve your vision, we offer LASIK to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, the KAMRA corneal inlay for the correction of near (over-40) and comprehensive eye exams.

When you choose Center For Sight, you can be confident your vision is safely in the hands of a team of eye experts. When considering new team members, Center For Sight looks for experts who take patient education seriously. Learn more about our 20/Happy dream team below.

Dr. Michael Pernula

Dr. W. Reed Jaussi

Dr. Selim T. Koseoglu

Dr. Jeylan El-Mansoury

Dr. Adam Schwartz

Dr. Tina Licina

Dr. George Bouras

Dr. Jeffrey Hart

Dr. Dennis Giang

Dr. Stewart Park

Dr. Sahba Fakhra

Dr. Sylvia Chang

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