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Glaucoma: Is there any way to recognize the silent vision thief?

Did you know that your vision is subject to being taken by a silent thief? Glaucoma is a build-up of pressure in the eye that leads to damage of the optic nerve and affects eyes slowly. While undiagnosed, vision is irreversibly being damaged with few noticeable symptoms, which is why it’s known as “the silent thief of vision.” Early detection is the only obstacle between glaucoma and permanent vision loss. Although this disease is silent and symptomless until its advanced stages, professionals at Center For Sight are able to perform assessments to determine whether you have glaucoma early on.

Checking for Glaucoma

Each of Center For Sight’s vision check-ups includes a glaucoma exam. One of those tests is an intraocular pressure check, or tonometry. Basically, that’s the test when the optometrist gives your eyeball a tap or puff of air with a machine. It measures the pressure in your eye, indicating how much fluid is crowding your optic nerve. For those with glaucoma, the pressure is too high because of excess fluid, usually caused by drainage issues. This build-up eventually causes problems with the optic nerve and, in severe cases, blindness. Another glaucoma test at normal eye exams is ophthalmoscopy, in which the optometrist shines a light into your eye and uses a magnifier to see the optic nerve in the back to look for signs of damage.

Assessments for glaucoma also include checking for factors that leave you at a higher risk. A family history of the disease impacts the likelihood of developing glaucoma. People over age 40 and/or of African, Latino, or Asian descent are also at increased risk. Other health factors like diabetes, steroid use, or previous eye injury can also impact the probability of developing glaucoma.

Treating Glaucoma

When regular glaucoma checks allow an optometrist to catch the disease early, treatment options are available to slow the progression and preserve vision. Carefully evaluating the type and severity of your glaucoma, age, lifestyle, and many other factors allows Center for Sight to recommend a customized treatment plan. Many patients are able to manage glaucoma with prescription eye drops. In other cases, laser surgery may be best. At Center For Sight, we offer exciting new glaucoma treatment options: ocular implants iStent® or Hydrus Microstent®.  These two stent types are meant to be placed during cataract surgery to support draining of fluid the way the eye would naturally.

As the second leading cause of blindness worldwide, regular glaucoma checks are essential to taking good care of your vision, and Center For Sight’s board-certified ophthalmologists have the training and experience to safely and effectively treat it. Schedule your appointment online at Center For Sight for precise exams and, when needed, personalized treatment and management strategies.

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