There are a number of causes for eyelid tumors. Many tumors the result of benign cysts, inflammation or malignant tumors. Often these tumors result from basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer. A simple test will determine if your tumor is malignant. If we find you tumor contains cancerous cells, or you simply want it removed, you will require surgery.

How are eyelid tumors removed?

Removal of a tumor is often enough to remove the risk it causes for the body. Mohs’ surgery is the most common removal technique for large tumors. This method involves removing the visible tumor and then small pieces of skin around the area. The doctor then checks each fragment under a microscope for signs of cancerous cells.

Once the skin fragments no longer show any sign of cancerous cells, the doctor can stop removing and can reasonably conclude that the area no longer harbors cancer cells. After the tumor removal, an expert in oculoplasty will repair your eyelid using different techniques according to the severity of your removal.

If removal was ineffective in fully treating your cancer, cryotherapy or radiation can assist in fully correcting the issue. We commonly treat eyelid cancers at Center For Sight. If your cancer removal requires more treatment, we are happy to suggest practices in the area that we trust to care for our patients.

Our team of board-certified and board-eligible ophthalmologists have the skill to guide you comfortably through your cancer removal eye surgery. If you have any concern about a growth on your eye, or you simply need to find a team of oculoplastic experts to put your trust in, Center For Sight is happy to help Las Vegas work toward freedom from cancer. You can schedule an appointment by using our online appointment hub or by calling us at (702) 724-2020.