Are there any risks?

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Like any surgery, there are risks with LASIK, but most of them are mild and treatable post-LASIK. Selecting an eye care team committed to providing excellence in technology and patient care is a good first start for reducing the risk of surgery. During your free LASIK consultation with our team, we’ll prepare you with educational information that will help you make an informed decision about your eyes. Our advanced diagnostic testing helps ensure that the recommendation our surgical team makes for your eyes minimizes the risks involved with the surgery.

After surgery, some patients report experiencing some mild discomfort and irritation within the first two days after their procedure. Other side effects of LASIK that are less common include: difficulty driving at night, glare or halos, dry eyes and fluctuating vision.

For more information concerning the most serious and rare complications, please visit the FDA’s website for LASIK. At Center For Sight, we’re committed to providing our patients with excellent care, and we hope that you will share any questions or concerns you have about the procedure with our team during your free LASIK consultation.

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