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Spring Clean Your Vision Care Routine

Reduce Eye Strain and Be Mindful of Your Eye Health

As spring brings new birth and regrowth to the world, everyone is already thinking about how they’ll accomplish their yearly spring cleaning in their house, routines, and job.

Everything else in your life gets touched by the flurry of spring cleaning, why not extend it to your eye health? A springtime refresher could be just what your eyes have been needing. Take a few minutes to review our three important reminders below, and if it’s that time of year for you, schedule your yearly comprehensive exam now.

A comprehensive eye exam is the best way to check in with your eye health. Not only does it allow your doctor to notice potential eye diseases in their early stages, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your eyes, like if you’ve noticed symptoms of dry eye or difficulties in your daily life. A conversation with your eye care professional brings solutions to the forefront and can calm any worries you may have.

Plus, if you’re looking to take spring cleaning one step further at Center For Sight, think about treating yourself to one of our rejuvenating aesthetics services.


Prevent eye strain in the age of tech. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention spring cleaning your screen routine this Workplace Eye Safety Month. Whether you’re encountering harsh lights from technology at a desk job or when you return home, there are simple tools to prevent eye strain. Take breaks using the “20-20-20 rule” by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds in between every 20 minutes staring at a screen. You can also adjust your computer and environment by dimming overhead lights, adjusting the screen’s brightness, and making text an easy-to-read size.


Reflect on whether your vision has changed. 

Sometimes, patients don’t realize just how bad their vision has gotten without a mindful check-in with themselves and their sight. Conditions like cataracts, reading vision, or a need for a new prescription can sneak up on anyone since they set in gradually. Additionally, dry eye is a condition that many people muddle through every day, without realizing there are solutions for them. If you’ve noticed any changes, please mention it to your doctor in your comprehensive exam.


Overall health affects eye health. 

Your ophthalmologist cares about your healthy lifestyle, too, because it is good for your eyes. Health factors that can impact eye health include a nutrient-rich diet, getting plenty of vitamins, and regular exercise. Smoking also negatively influences your visual health. Good hygiene can be a factor, especially washing your hands before you touch your eyes. And a simple, more obvious one: wear sunglasses to block UV rays. Taking care of yourself year-round helps ensure long-term eye health.


We hope these three reminders help you spring clean your vision care routine, and feel prepared and sure about your eye health. Again, the best solution is always to get your comprehensive exam, where you can have a conversation with your friendly Center For Sight doctor about your unique eyes. Schedule your exam now using our online appointment hub.

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