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Dry Eyes Have You Thinking about “Leaving Las Vegas”?

Center For Sight’s Dry Eye Experts Have Solutions

Sheryl Crow first crooned about it in her 1994 hit “Leaving Las Vegas” but no one really knows why she wanted to leave. Maybe she had dry eye. Just sayin’.

The arid desert climate of Las Vegas means extremely hot days for much of the summer coupled with very little rainfall. It’s the perfect storm for dry eye conditions and many who call Las Vegas home deal with dry eye issues to some degree.

What is Dry Eye?

Um, eyes that are…dry? Well, yes, but there is a whole lot more to chronic dry eye than just dry eyes. Read on.

Dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t produce the right quantity or quality of tears to be healthy or comfortable. It is especially common in colder and drier conditions. Dry eye is a chronic condition affecting over 100 million people worldwide. That’s a lot of uncomfortable people out there!

Dry eye is especially common in our beloved Nevada as the region has the lowest humidity on record in the country. This contributes to what is known as evaporative dry eye, the leading cause of dry eye.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Aside from climate, there may be other factors contributing to your dry eye symptoms. Screen time. Yeah, mom was right (of course). You should put down the phone, tablet, laptop, controller or step away from the desktop and TV every once and awhile.

Not at all a surprise, more people are plugged in than ever before. Experts agree that doing near work on smartphones and computers—such as emailing, texting, viewing, working or playing video games—can be blamed for much of the increase in dry eye symptoms. These types of activities interfere with the quality and quantity of your blinks, which means not enough natural tears. The result? Dry, irritated eyes.

Treating Las Vegas Dry Eye

Dry eye might be common but that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to a lifetime of dealing with it. At Center For Sight, our vision specialists can perform a series of thorough diagnostic tests to evaluate your unique ocular surface condition.

Depending on what we find, there are a variety of choices for treating your unique dry eye. Treatments range from eye drops to specially designed contacts lenses and more. The severity and root cause of your dry eye will determine which treatment is the best choice for you.

Center For Sight often recommends LipiFlow for many patients dealing with dry eye. In addition, eye drops, prescription medications, blinking exercises, punctal plugs, eyelid scrubs, warm compresses and Omega-3 Oils are all recommended to treat dry eye depending upon the severity and root cause of the condition.

If you have dry eye, don’t suffer any longer. Relief awaits! Schedule your dry eye consultation with one of the specialists at Center For Sight Las Vegas today.

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