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Choosing an Ophthalmologist

Whether you’re new to the Las Vegas area or have just been diagnosed with a vision condition like glaucoma or cataracts, you’ll need to choose an ophthalmologist. However, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. So, we’ve gathered some tips for finding the right eye surgeon to help you decide on the perfect match for you. Your vision is important to every part of your life, so it should be placed in the best hands possible.

An ophthalmologist nearby

Although an ophthalmologist may be someone worth traveling to see, it’s much more convenient when a qualified, excellent professional is available close to where you live. Luckily, at Center For Sight, we have locations all over the Las Vegas area: Tivoli Village, Henderson, Craig Road, and Maryland Parkway. That way there’s one not far from your home.

An ophthalmologist with credentials

Center For Sight has board-certified ophthalmologists with expert training and years of experience. Certified doctors have gone above and beyond typical licensing requirements to pass a rigorous exam with the American Board of Ophthalmology and fulfill continuing education requirements. Our highly qualified team has been pursuing excellence for 10 years, so you know we will take great care of your vision.

An ophthalmologist  you trust and feel comfortable around

Your sight is important for your work, seeing your family’s important moments, and practicing your hobbies. Let your essential vision be cared for by someone you trust. You’ll likely have a better experience when you feel comfortable around your doctor and can communicate freely. The doctors at Center For Sight are thoughtful listeners, knowledgeable about a range of vision conditions, and able to address your concerns.

An ophthalmologist with a specialty that matches your needs

Ophthalmologists are already specialists in eye care, but they often pick an area of research interest or practical expertise too. If you have a certain eye condition like glaucoma or cataracts, it can be helpful to choose a doctor that knows more than anyone else about your condition. Center For Sight in Las Vegas has a variety of specialists in important vision areas, like cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye.


An ophthalmologist that comes highly recommended

Ask for recommendations from your general practitioner, optometrist, and family and friends. Hearing who comes most highly recommended will help you make a confident decision. You can also look up patient testimonials online to see whether a doctor has high patient outcomes. We are proud to support our patients’ vision care needs and share their stories.

Once you’ve made your pick, it’s time to schedule an appointment. We hope you’ll book one with Center For Sight’s expert team so you can start getting 20/Happy Vision.

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