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Cataracts and the holidays: Bring back vibrant colors and clarity

Twinkling golden lights, spruce trees and poinsettias, and time with family make the holidays the most treasured time of the year. Healthy eyes allow us to experience the holidays in all their beauty. However, the extra special sights this time of year brings can also make changes in vision quality front of mind, including the development of cataracts.

Cataracts develop slowly as we age, so they can worsen without patients really noticing how much their vision has changed. Cataracts are the hardening of the eye’s natural lens over time, causing hazy, poor-quality vision. Eyesight can be restored by a simple lens replacement procedure that removes the clouded lens and replaces it with an artificial one. Center For Sight offers standard lenses that restore clarity, as well as premium lens options that also reduce dependence on glasses.

The brilliance of the holiday season can be dimmed by cataracts. If you are noticing a dullness to December’s bright lights and colorful festivities, that may be a signal that it’s time to schedule a cataract consultation. Common signs that cataracts are hindering your vision include colors appearing less vibrant than they used to, starbursts around lights, and difficulty driving at night or seeing in low light.


Holiday lights make the season feel jolly, but light sources or dim lights pose an extra challenge for cataract patients. Outdoor nighttime light displays can be especially difficult for someone with cataracts. This is because cataracts can cause starbursts around light sources and can make it difficult to see in dim lighting. Parties in low-lighting venues, with candles or a roaring fire for example, can also be difficult for the same reason. If you’re noticing difficulty around light this holiday season, it may be time to reach out.


Christmastime is all about colorful scenes. A rainbow of ornaments on the trees are best enjoyed in full, clear glory. However, if you are affected by cataracts, you may notice a dullness to the holiday sights. Center For Sight is here to help you experience the vibrant reds and greens once again.

Driving at Nighttime

Between early sunsets and holiday parties, December requires extra driving at night. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task can be challenging for cataract patients, who often experience difficulty with night driving. If you’re experiencing this, make sure to get extra assistance getting around safely this season, and think about reaching out to start the journey toward quality vision no matter the time of day.


Clear vision can make the holiday season the most wonderful, enjoyable time of the year. If you’ve noticed any of these common cataract symptoms, book a consultation with Center For Sight’s kind, knowledgeable team using our online appointment hub.

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