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6 Questions To Ask in Your Annual Eye Exam

Asking thoughtful questions to your eye doctor is a great way to be engaged about your vision health during your yearly appointment. Back to school is a perfect time to get your child in for a check-up so they can see the whiteboard crystal clearly this coming school year. It’s also a great reminder for you to treat yourself to vision care. Whichever reason you’re entering the exam room, you can do it stress free when you come prepared with these 6 questions to ask. (No hand raising necessary.)

What are you checking for in these tests today?

Annual exams include a lot of eye tests, whether that’s the famous eye chart (Snellen chart) or the puff test (non-contact tonometry). Instead of living in wonder at the purpose of these tests, get familiar with your visual wellness by asking.

My vision has changed. How can you help?

Our board-certified and board-eligible ophthalmologists can help with any vision problem you may have. It’s most helpful if you tell us how your vision has changed and stay really honest. With good communication, we can give you precise, personalized health care.

I’ve been experiencing dry eyes. How can I find relief?

As a center based in the desert climate, we take dry eye seriously. If you are experiencing symptoms like itching or watering, know that you don’t have to put up with it. Asking about solutions that could fit for you is the first step toward daily comfort.

Is there anything I should watch for during the next year?

A lot can happen during those 365 days in between your annual visits to the eye doctor. So, when you are in the office, it can be helpful to go over your risk factors and how to watch for developing conditions.

How can I keep my eyes healthy with my lifestyle?

There’s more to vision maintenance than stopping by to get a new prescription once a year. When you ask this question at your appointment, you get the opportunity to learn how your lifestyle and your eyes are tied together and get recommendations that fit for you.

Will my condition change as time goes on?

When the doctor has given you a diagnosis or identified a change in nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), they will pair you with solutions. Still, it’s helpful to know how your eyes will likely change over time so you can be prepared and watchful.


All these questions are a helpful starting point for engaged conversation about your eye health at your next check-up. The experienced ophthalmologists at Center For Sight are prepared to guide you through anything with thoughtful patient education. Schedule your annual vision exam today.

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