How LASIK is performed?

At Center For Sight, we are committed to using the newest, most advanced technology. Since LASIK procedures were first performed in the United States, technology for LASIK has drastically improved. The results of your vision correction are now more predictable, reliable, and customized than ever. To provide the best patient care and corrected vision for our patients, we use Advanced CustomVue Technology, which delivers a unique combination of the WaveScan WaveFront® System and the STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser. We also use the IntraLase FS Femtosecond Laser for flap creation in our most advanced LASIK surgery.

The LASIK procedure includes two basic steps.
1) A flap is created on the cornea.
2) The cornea is reshaped using a laser.

The technology used for each step is important for achieving optimal results.

· Traditional Flap Creation – Traditional LASIK surgery uses a microkeratome blade for flap creation. A microkeratome is a medical-grade, stainless steel blade that an eye surgeon can use to carefully create the flap necessary for reshaping your cornea in LASIK. While many practices have moved to using more advanced laser technology for flap creation, some exclusively offer this traditional, handheld method of flap creation.

· Advanced Flap Creation – Bladeless LASIK technology offers the most advanced option for patients pursuing laser vision correction surgery. Utilizing an IntraLase FS femtosecond laser, our team can move the precision quality from our surgeons’ hands to a computer-controlled laser system. This technology ensures the most gentle treatment of your eye in the creation of the flap and helps to ensure a more predictable healing result.

· Reshaping the Cornea – Our team uses the STAR S4visx-laser IR® Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea. This excimer laser is the most advanced type of laser in the ophthalmic field, and it’s the device that makes the LASIK procedure possible. When the inside of the cornea is exposed, the surgeon uses the excimer laser to gently reshape the cornea, removing microscopic amounts of corneal tissue in the process.

· Customizing your Surgery – Using the WaveScan WaveFront® System, our doctors use the best diagnostic information available for customizing your surgery, in order for you to achieve your best possible visual outcome. WaveFront technology measures the unique “fingerprint” of your eye, and provides our team with the topographical information necessary to discern where the refractive errors that cause poor vision are located. This advanced diagnostic tool allows our team to account for any small irregularities in your vision as we craft your surgical plan.

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