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Do floaters affect your vision?

Patients who have struggled with floaters in their vision may now have a treatment option.  Floaters are small spots, specks, or “cobwebs” that drift about when you move your eyes and appear to dart away when you try to look at them directly.

Most eye floaters are caused by age-related changes that occur as the gel-like substance (vitreous) inside your eyes becomes more liquid. Microscopic fibers within the vitreous tend to clump and can cast tiny shadows on your retina, which appear to you as floaters.

Most floaters are harmless and merely annoying. However, large persistent floaters can significantly impair vision and have an adverse impact on one’s quality of life. Laser Floater Removal (Vitreolysis) can eliminate the visual disturbance caused by floaters.

Laser Floater Removal treatment is available

Center For Sight offers Laser Floater Removal (Vitreolysis). Laser Floater Removal involves the application of nanosecond pulses of laser light to evaporate the vitreous opacities. The end result is that the floater is removed and/or reduced to a size that no longer impedes vision.

Laser Floater Removal is an elective procedure: there is no emergency condition or other reason that requires you have it performed. You have the option to do nothing. The potential benefits of the procedure are to help control the symptoms of your current condition. Choosing not to perform this procedure, will most likely result in the continuation of your symptoms.

On average, most patients can expect a 60-90% improvement in the mass and/or amount of floaters following LFR. Every eye is different, and there are a number of variables that affect the outcome of treatment. Some floaters, for example, are located too close to the retina and cannot be safely treated.

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