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Staff Makes Generous Donation to Sight For Life

There is kindness in this world and appreciation for the good deeds of others. At Center for Sight, a spirit of selflessness and gratitude inspired an ophthalmologist and her staff to share the gift of sight.

Recently, Dr. Eva Liang performed free surgery for those of her Las Vegas staff who were interested in improving their near and distant vision with KAMRA and LASIK surgery. This was a gift that she provided, without charge, donating her time and expertise to transform their vision.

Center for Sight team member, Stephanie, was so grateful for her surgery and Dr. Liang’s act of generosity that, joined by her co-workers, she decided to express her appreciation in a tangible way. So that others could benefit as they had, together they decided to collect funds for a sizeable donation to Sight For Life, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Liang, whose mission is to assist underprivileged patients suffering from sight-threatening disease with medical and surgical eye care.

“It’s amazing to wake up in the morning and see clearly. I am grateful beyond words,” said Stephanie.


When the group presented the donation to Dr. Liang, staff member, Samantha, chose to express her sentiments in writing. Following is an excerpt of what she said:

As I know most of you have heard me say . . . when you see someone do something they are meant to do, it is really special. It’s like watching an athlete perform at the highest level—with flawless technique. Dr. Liang was born to do surgery. She was born to restore this gift of sight we all took for granted before becoming a part of the ophthalmology family. . .

For your incredibly selfless donation of your time, effort and ability, we offer you a donation of our own—$1,000 to your non-profit organization, Sight For Life. And on behalf of all of us you bestowed perfect vision to, we love and appreciate you dearly. Here’s to living the 20/happy lifestyle, day in and day out. Here’s to living the 20/happy dream you have worked so hard to achieve.

Center for Sight’s joint fundraising effort has further connected the staff, bringing them closer together as a team. Nothing motivates generosity like an appreciation for the gift of sight and the desire to share it with others.

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