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Maryland Optometrist Gets New Lease on Life with KAMRA Inlay

New Lease on Life with KAMRA Inlay

Maryland optometrist, Dr. Donna Glenn, spent many years helping patients with their eye problems. She provided solutions for the toughest of cases, giving patients new, clear vision that would help them live their life to the fullest for decades.

When Dr. Glenn entered her 50s, she developed presbyopia in both eyes, which is the loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye. She utilized the easiest option of progressive lenses, thinking it would solve the small amount of times she needed them. It wasn’t long before she began to need them all the time. Whether it was meeting with patients, viewing charts, or writing notes, everything was a blur.

Dr. Glenn learned about another option called the KAMRA Corneal Inlay, as suggested by her colleague, Dr. Andrew Holzman of TLC Laser Eye Center. The KAMRA inlay helps restore near vision and reduce the constant frustrations of reading glasses for those with presbyopia or blurry near vision. As a last resort, she decided to go along with the procedure and the results were life-changing. No longer did she have to wear the lenses to drive her car, play with her son, or visit with patients in the exam room. After Dr. Glenn’s personal experience with KAMRA, she encourages her patients to consider this solution.

A Few Words from Dr. Glenn

“I had the procedure on a Monday afternoon, and that following Sunday night, I went to the grocery store. It was eight o’clock, and I was getting food for my son’s school lunches, so I felt rushed. While in the self-checkout lane, I picked up a lemon and punched in the little code on the produce sticker. I still remember it was 4053. I got everything punched in, and I ran to my car because I wanted to get home,” Dr. Glenn said. It wasn’t long before she discovered she hadn’t put on her progressive lenses in the grocery store. “That night was eye-opening, no pun intended. That’s when I knew it was helping and that’s when I really started to notice things and appreciate that it was doing its job” (1). Interested in reading Dr. Glenn’s full story? Click here.

KAMRA Inlay at Center For Sight

Our very own Dr. Eva Liang was the first female ophthalmologist in the US to perform the KAMRA Inlay procedure. To read more about Dr. Liang’s work with the KAMRA Inlay, read this blog.

To learn more about the KAMRA Inlay or other vision options, call us today at 702.20.HAPPY.

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