Near Vision Inlay Procedure Recovery Process

It is highly recommended that you have a friend or family member drive you home on your treatment day. Before you leave, your doctor will answer any further questions and provide you with inlay procedure recovery instructions to expedite the healing process. It is essential that you avoid wearing glasses, attend your follow up appointments and take your prescribed medication to promote healing.

Keep in mind that recovery time and near vision improvement time will not be the same for each patient. Most patients do return to work and resume their normal activities within a day or two, and some notice vision improvements within a few weeks. It is not uncommon, however, for some patients to still need reading glasses in situations with poor lighting or very small print. Your brain needs to adapt to your new vision, so you may experience visual fluctuations for 3-6 months post operation. This will likely stabilize in time. It is also important to remember that if the inlay is not properly centered or you are not pleased with your results, the procedure is completely reversible.

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