LipiFlow Addresses The Root of the Problem

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the most common underlying cause of dry eye. MGD is also known as evaporative dry eye due to the tears evaporating quicker than they should. The meibomian gland secretes an oil to keep the tear from evaporating too early. This oil is a crucial part of what makes up your tears. LipiFlow clears the blockage in the meibomian glands so your eyes are able to properly function.

LipiFlow Restores the Natural Balance of Your Tears

Healthy tears are made up of three unique, precisely balanced layers:

  • Mucin Layer – adheres tears to the eyes
  • Aqueous (water) Layer – nourishes and protects the cornea
  • Lipid (oil) Layer – lubricates and prevents evaporation

If one of these layers is off, your tears will not perform as well. They’re meant to protect, comfort, wash and lubricate your eyes. If all parts of the tear cannot work together then they cannot be expected to do their job. If you have MGD, the most common reason behind dry eye, you’re not able to produce a proper amount of the lipid oil, and this causes tears to evaporate too quickly. LipiFlow allows for the natural secretion of the lipid layer so your tears can function properly.

Eye Drops Are Built For Waste

When you put in eye drops, you might notice most of it running down your cheek, and more than likely, your aim was spot on. According to an NPR report, drug companies are making their bottles twice as large as they need to be. This means most drops are around twice the size they need to be.

Why does this matter?

It matters because you’re throwing money away every time you put in drops! It’s the equivalent of making two sandwiches and throwing one in the trash every time. LipiFlow is FDA approved and utilizes the most advanced technology. There is no waste because the procedure allows you to produce exactly what your eye needs, no more, no less, no waste.

LipiFlow Is All Natural

Again, the goal of LipiFlow is to address the root of dry eye symptoms. Restoring function back to your glands can restore the natural balance and proper biological makeup of your tears so they can function properly. Artificial tears, chemically composed eye drops are all short-term solutions to symptoms. There are no chemicals used during the LipiFlow procedure. A licensed ophthalmologist conducts your LipiFlow treatment. The procedure uses gentle heat pulsations to unblock and clear the meibomian glands. Think of it as a massage for your eyes!

LipiFlow Is A Long-Term Solution For Dry Eye

Currently, there is no permanent cure for dry eye or MGD. LipiFlow is a viable long-term solution for dry eye but the results differ from person to person. Patients typically experience the full benefits of LipiFlow in two to four weeks. Some patients may benefit from repeat procedures.he only way to tell which path is best for you is to consult with your Center For Sight doctor.

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